Top 5 Platforms Where Students Can Start Podcasting

Podcasting Platforms
Choosing a reliable podcasting hosting platform is crucial for your podcast because it'll assist you grow your audience faster while making it easier to manage your podcast files. Podcast hosting is a specialized service which offers to store and deliver media files associated with a podcast. Just like you need a website hosting service to store all of your website files, a podcast hosting offers the same service but for your podcast’s media files. The hosting platform is the home where your podcast lives. It's the place all of your episodes will be uploaded to be broadcast to the world.

As told by a coursework writing service, since most people will not hear your podcast directly from the hosting platform (with some exceptions), the hosting website generates a “signal” called an RSS feed, that links the hosting platform to the different podcast directories where people can listen to it, sites like Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, TuneIn, Spotify and even YouTube. Needless to say, finding and setting up the hosting is an essential step in the process of getting your podcast out to the public since without it, your podcast won’t exist. There are several platforms where students can start podcasting but here are the top five podcasting platforms:

Buzzsprout was designed to make podcasting simple, but not limited to. They have one of the best-designed dashboards I’ve seen, that lets you pay more time creating content than messing around with uploads. Recently they have added or updated:
  • A built-in transcription integration
  • Magic mastering to make your episodes sound perfect
  • An affiliate marketing integration for your Buzzsprout site
  • A brand new embed player
  • The publishing workflow
  • The text editor for show notes
  • And much more

They also give you excellent statistics (recently updated in 2020) and a mobile-friendly podcast website. Buzzsprout also other an affiliate marketplace (to assist you to make money with your show) and the ability to add team members (admin or editor access levels). There’s a forever free plan (no credit card needed to sign up) but your episodes get removed after 90 days, then their plans start at $12/month.

For one, their embeddable players are some of the best-looking (and smoothest) I’ve seen. You also get detailed analytics for anyone who uses it. Starting at $15/month, you’ll get unlimited uploads, analytics, a website, the ability to have multiple people manage your podcast, and a bunch more. For $35/month, you get a bunch more customization, additional team members, advanced analytics, the ability to use a custom domain, 50K downloads/month, and more. Companies like slack and Shopify host with them, as well as many different podcasts each large and small. They just updated the look of their entire platform and brand, along with tons of new features.

Spreaker has been around since 2010 and has a few unique features and software for podcasters. One stand-out feature is that they have a live podcasting option. You can let listeners interact with you with the included chatbox and there are other integration options. They have each a desktop app (for windows and mac) and a mobile app (for iPhone and Android) for recording, live streaming, viewing stats, and more. Features vary depending on the device, but they’re each included free with your account. There is a free plan to test things out, but the $20/month broadcaster option is the sweet spot.

I did a great deal of analysis before selecting my initial podcast host (many years ago) and blubrry came out on top, even though more “big” names recommended or used other podcast hosts. A lot has changed since then and they wouldn’t be my top choice today, but they still deserve a mention. The main reasons to choose Blubrry are:
  • The easy integration with their PowerPress plugin for WordPress
  • Advanced industry-leading statistics included free with your hosting plan
  • “No-fault” overage – you can upload more than your monthly limit without being charged extra
Plans start at $12/month for 100MB of audio storage per month. Depending on the episode length and quality, that should be enough for at least one episode per week.

Podiant “makes it incredibly easy to start and grow a podcast” – with unlimited storage all for $12.99/month. Some of the features include:
  • Website with blog posts and pages
  • Podcast analytics
  • Auto-posting to youtube
  • Dropbox connection
  • Social sharing Be sure to use the promo code insights to get 25th off your first three months (you’ll enter the code once you create your account.

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