Sleep Habits And Its Link To Health

Sleep Habits
In the past, there were lots of myths about sleep. Most of the doctors thought that there was no link of sleep with human health. Nowadays, lots of researches have proven the importance of sleep. According to these researches, after spending six to seven hours in enjoying the sounder sleep every night, we can save ourselves from various diseases. On the other hand, sleep deprivation can last some adverse impacts on human health. Here, experts of PhD dissertation writing services will explain the sleep habits and its link to health.

Sleep keeps our heart healthy It is observed that most of the strokes and heart attacks occur during the morning hours. It is due to the interaction of the sleep with the blood vessels. Lack of sleep can become a cause of worsening the blood pressure and cholesterol of a person. These are considered as risk factors for the strokes and other heart diseases. It is also observed that if a person spends 7 to 9 hours in enjoying the sounder sleep, his heart will be healthier than the other persons.

Sleep may help prevent cancer Nowadays, breast and colon cancers are very common. According to research, the late shift workers can face a higher risk of breast and colon cancer. Its reason is that due to the exposure of the light, the melatonin level among the human body is reduced. Melatonin is an essential hormone that can regulate the sleep-wake cycle of a human. Before going to sleep, you should be sure that your bedroom should be dark and there is no need to use electronics before going to sleep.

Sleep reduces stress Due to sleep deprivation, a human can go into a state of stress. The sleep deprivation can easily put the functions of a body on the high alert and they can become a cause of high blood pressure. These body functions can also produce stress hormones. As we know that high blood pressure can become a cause of heart attack and heart stroke. On the other hand, stress hormones can create some difficulties for a person to fall asleep. One should adopt some essential relaxation techniques to get rid of stress and high blood pressure.

Sleep reduces inflammation Sleep deprivation can also increase the level of inflammation in the human body. This level of inflammation in a human body can create lots of risks for a body. In these risks, there come heart diseases, cancer and diabetes. This level of inflammation can also deteriorate our body. On the other hand, sounder sleep can reduce the risks of inflammation.

Sleep makes you more alert If we want to perform our duties with full energy, it is necessary for us to enjoy the full night’s sleep. The full night’s sleep is also helpful to us to keep us engaged and active during the whole day. The good night’s sleep can also increase your chances of better sleep for the next night. Its reason is that when you perform all of your duties by remaining active, you will not face any kind of stress on your mind.

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