Global Citizenship: Pros And Cons

Global Citizenship
An idea which provides rights to the people to become active members of the world is known as global citizenship. This is an essential idea to understand the philosophy of the whole world rather than a citizen of a particular nation. There are several qualities of a global citizen like he can play a vital role for the progress of the mankind, he can give respect to the diversity, and he is responsible for his deeds and actions. Therefore, we can say that if a person wants to become a global citizen, he should be flexible and proactive. Here, experts of PhD dissertation writing services will discuss the pros and cons of global citizenship.

Pros of Global Citizenship
To enjoy the equal rights and opportunities are some essential needs of a person. The global citizens are working for providing equal rights and opportunities to the people. Therefore, the pros of global citizenship are given below;
  • They are teaching various ways to the people in order to resolve their conflicts. According to them, the best way to resolve these conflicts is to understand the ethics and moral values of each other.
  • Global citizenship also teaches people how to protect human rights. Global citizenship provides an idea to the people about the international code of human rights in order to protect human rights in a society.
  • The global citizens are not only taking the responsibilities for the welfare of the people but they are also playing their important role in the global economy. They provide the best suggestions and techniques to the people how to get access to the global economy.
  • Global citizens are well aware of the fact that they are living in the interconnected world. In this interconnected world, all of their actions and choices are observed and followed by other nations.
  • Global citizens also provide enough idea to the people what are the possible ways to communicate with the global world. Moreover, they can easily get global and local information.

Cons of Global Citizenship:
Along with the pros of global citizenship, there are also some cons of global citizenship. These cons are explained below;
  • There are some people who get global citizenship just for the sake of earning money. They are not able to build their own understanding of the world.
  • Some global citizens just think about their own values and importance and they don’t try to think about the values and importance of other local citizens.
  • There are some countries in which they have to face a challenge of ignorance and intolerance. Due to ignorance and intolerance, global citizens are not able to resolve the conflicts of the people.
  • There are some communities which don’t allow global citizens to involve in their affairs. In these communities, if global citizens show their involvement, they have to face various problems.
  • In some countries, these global citizens are not able to raise their voice among the people. As a result, the definition of global citizenship is not fulfilled.

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