Engaging assignments for students? How a teacher can design such assignments topics

Making assignments for whole class in groups is really a tough and mind boggling job for the teacher. A lot of different topics with different methods of studies to accomplish them needs a well thought work from the teachers. Designing individual assignments are as difficult as the group assignments are. A lot of clarity of the objectives, defining tasks and anticipation of results and performance criteria to be taken into consideration while designing assignments
A good assignment clearly defines the writing task with suggestions to go through it. It doesn’t overload students with unnecessary information but also gives advice for approaching the results of assignment. So, here are the few tips for the teachers to design assignments for the students.

1. Method

In order to design an assignment, teachers must embroil in a critical conversation and devise the method of going through the assignment with little or more mind aptitude.They must know how to build, alter, or work in an opposite to their ideas and definitions if student deviates from the provided guidelines.

2. Questions to consider

Teachers must know of what nature or the type of questions be asked in the assignment that can actually help the students to dig deeper into the knowledge. Also, such questions to be asked in the assignment that support the idea of the entire topic. Keeping in mind the dynamics of the topic, the questions to be made followed by the applications that could be generated while solving the enigmatic questions.

3. Instructions

Instructions to students about the goal and expectations of the assignment is very important. It helps them to follow the instructions in multiple formats. The teacher needs to give clear instructions about the nature of the topic, assignment format, and the desired results. These instructions could be different for individual and the group assignments as the amount of work and discussion involved is different for both cases.

4. Assessment

To design an assessment criteria is equally important a designing an assignment for the students. Giving equal grades to all the students for different assignments is not fair and it will waste all the work and energies put into designing the assignments. Try to assign work that allows students to perform what you really want to see in reality. The memorization of concepts can only be enhance if assignment work is designed with an aim to deliver some tangible and concrete work. Apart, the assessment criteria must be fair and according to the topic of the assignment given to a student or group of students. Because assignment is not synonymous to grading. At times, the purpose of the assignment is to just gathering information about the given topic while on other occasions, it is for the getting scores for the final exam. So, assessment criteria must be very clear while designing the assignments for the students.

These are the few important tips for the teachers to adopt while designing the assignments for the students.

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