4 Times You Are Doing Essay Writing All Wrong

Essay Writing
Essay writing is considered to be one of the easier aspects of academia. Mostly it’s about topics you’ve already learned about and it’s never tough to research what you don’t know. Then why is it that students do not get god grades on their essays? Something in the essay writing that most of the students do is either incorrect or not done right. So we’re looking at 4 of the top reasons where your essays are going wrong, let’s read on and find out more.

The Incorrect Verbiage, Sentences and Vocabulary:
These are some parts of the essay that most people are not doing right. All three of these options need to be on at least a satisfactory level to leave a good enough impact on the reader. So start working on your vocabulary first, build it up from what you already know, read books regularly, and articles as well on the newspaper or online. Try some exercises like picking a new word daily and practice using it every day, so you can master its use, and increase your vocabulary. Now, work on smoothing out your verbiage and removing any problems for the sentence structuring that you’re doing, like formatting the sentence wrong and incorrect grammar etc. This should help create an interest in the reader, or the examiner. And put you on the track towards better grades in your essay writing.

Wandering Off Topic:
This is another thing that students don’t pay attention to, and it’s due to the word count policy set by the examiner. Students try to complete the word count by stretching their sentences without actually writing or explaining anything. This is a bad habit, and leaves a very poor impression of the writer and the essay. Or sometimes while trying to explain something related to the topic, you venture too far from the main topic and spend your time on the other non-topic discussion. This also sends a bad message to the reader like maybe you aren’t able to maintain your concentration on something.

Not Giving Enough Time:
Here is what usually happens, you’re given a topic, and you delay it by a little, thinking that you will complete it later and it’s not such a big deal, you later delay it further thinking that you’ll quickly write it when you get the time, but in reality, when you sit down to write it you realize you done have the necessary research and not enough time to conduct it, or something similar, so you write it down as fast as you can and it seems like you write it right, and you might’ve too. But it will never be at the level of the essay that you wrote down with stress off your mind and enough time to easily write it down and proof read it.

Not Hiring an Expert:
That’s the worst of all the mistakes. Why write average level essays and submit them when you can have them written by essay writing services? That’s a guaranteed good grade right there.

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